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  • What is an offset printing? Offset printing is different with the digital printing. In offset printing, we use a plate to print.
    It enables us to print in big quantities, well known good quality offset printing, and lower production cost.
    But it will have a number of minimum order.
  • Minimum printing quantity It will depends of the type of job. For the important information, quantities equal to lower pricing.
  • Getting price quotation While you contact our customer sales service, they will assist you to get the price quotes.
  • How to transfer the file? he new persada website, we have a new option to send file directly from the website.
    The client portal account will be given by our customer services.
    If you dont have a good internet connection, please ask our customer services to assist the file transfer.
  • What is the file format requires for the printing process? We accept any files. Currently our system is running Adobe CS5 Collection, Coreldraw.
    We are also acepting a ready PDF file.
  • Will you match a sample I print out on my own printer, or a previously printed sample? To ensure the customer color standard, we will assist you with a hard proof if required.
    to ensure the matching color standard that you are expecting.
  • How will the proof look like? There are two types of proof. Soft proof will be a soft copy of the files.
    We will give you a soft copy via e-mail, or directly from our website.
    If you required a hard proof, which is a dummy printed materials, please ask our customer services to assist you.
  • What's the difference between digital proof and printing proof? Digital proof refers to the soft proof. A PDF file that will be send to you.
    A printing proof is a printed proofing with the including with the dummy of how the finishing will looks like.
  • What need to be complete before the production start? We are a complete printing solutions. We have allt he equipments to ensure the capabilities of our printing.
    After agreed with the price quotation, you just need to send us the file, and we will everything deliver for you!
  • Custom Projects or Finishing pricing? Klik Cetak is able to do a custom projects, such a display box, Others materials cover,
    and many others type of custom finishing. To get the price quotation, please contact our customer services.
  • Delivery Services We provide the free delivery services for the Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, Bekasi Area.
    For others area, our customer services will assist the price quotation.
  • Do we accepts International order? Yes! We do accpets international order. Kindly contact our customer services for assist.